Exalted 2nd


Pencilled by: Chris Stevens (christopherstevens.deviantart.com)

Colors by: Hector Rubilar.


I colorized everyone in a diferent style.

From the left to the right:

1- Using only a hard edge selection shadow.
2- Using hard edges selections to do 3 or 4 tones of shadow and hard edges selection to do 2 or 1 highlight.
3- Using gradients, airbrushes and a hard edge selection to do the shadows, and hard edge do to the lights.
4- Using Airbrushes to do all the shadows and some selection with feather to do the some shadows and highlights.
5- Using only a hard edge brush and some blur on everything, and some colorholds too!

*these are not the original published colours of this picture
Roll your mouse over the images to
see the Lineart